As many leaders in the arts, tech, and business have discovered in recent years, the TED company has become one of the greatest resources for public education ever made. By developing and promoting talks with speakers as diverse as Apple Inc. guru Steve Jobs and Stanford psychologist Carol S. Dweck, TED has revamped the notion of public intellectualism for a new generation of civic-minded learners.

As one of TED’s most popular speakers, Katherine Fulton is no stranger to the intersection of public duty and good philanthropic stewardship. In her work as President of the Monitor Institute, for example, Fulton has worked for years to understand the close historical relationship between business and philanthropy. As one of the country’s top consultants, Fulton has also had the opportunity to discuss the key benefits of philanthropy with remarkable individuals across the business spectrum.

In her recent lecture for the TED Talk series, Fulton has opened up a truly life-changing dialogue about the future of charitable giving. A must-see for anyone who wants to understand the impact that a strong philanthropic mindset can have on society, Fulton’s talk details the history of large-scale charity over the last 100 years.

While much of her work has centered around the study of philanthropic work within the private sector, the primary message of Fulton’s TED lecture is actually geared towards everyday citizens. Emphasizing the need for people of all backgrounds and professions to undertake the challenges of developing a charitable mindset, Fulton discusses many of the key benefits of a life dedicated to philanthropy. When a majority of citizens dedicate themselves to good works, Fulton believes, positive societal change can occur on an unprecedented scale.

Indeed, Fulton foresees a time when the economy becomes inseparable from philanthropic works. Under this model of “philanthrocapitalism,” everyday citizens would help one another to change the world for the better. Above all else, Fulton’s talk is a reminder that anyone can make a positive change to society with the right approach and value system.

The TED organization has created a vast number of wonderful lectures, but Katherine Fulton’s talk on charity stands out as a life-changing example of how anyone can contribute to a better future. For individuals who want to learn from the example of great minds working for the public good, Fulton’s lecture is a definite must-see.