With over a million philanthropic organizations vying for the attention and generosity of volunteers and donors in the US, it is becoming more challenging for nonprofits to stand out and attract support. However, effective marketing strategies are essential to your organization’s survival. To engage current and prospective contributors, your organization has to generate a following to back your mission. Fortunately, you can achieve this by implementing methods such as the ones below without driving up costs.

Tapping into Donor and Volunteer Databases

Formulating the optimal marketing strategy starts with evaluating your current database. Your nonprofit can analyze this information to find relationship patterns that may be useful in reaching out to similar prospective contributors. Study your nonprofit’s donor and volunteer data to:

  • observe the journey from prospect to donor or volunteer,
  • create data-based personas, and
  • cultivate direct marketing efforts based on segmentation of the database.

Getting a Google Grant

Google offers nonprofit groups up to $10,000 monthly for advertising with Google AdWords. Your organization can use these grant funds to bid on the keywords your prospects may be using and position your group’s link at the top of the search engine results. Eligible nonprofits will:

  • hold an active charity status,
  • have a regularly updated live website, and
  • agree with Google’s terms and conditions.

Adding Donate Button on Facebook Profile

If your organization qualifies, include a “Donate” button on your organization’s Facebook page. It is simple to set up, and it streamlines the process of giving for prospects. Go here to get details and apply.

Purchasing Social Media Ads

Your organization can harness social media to generate targeted ads based on the demographics of your prospects. First, set goals in your Google Analytics profile to track conversions. Social media ads:

  • are useful for market research,
  • multiply traffic and leads to your website, and
  • have cost-efficient options.

Recycling Existing Content

Repurpose old content to post on other strategic mediums. Update it to make it more relevant and share on new platforms. Your organization can transform existing material by:

  • combining related blog posts into an e-book,
  • using content in emails, or
  • sharing content in a podcast

Creating Winning Content

Your nonprofit’s marketing success hinges on the persuasiveness of its advertising content. Engaging content more likely leads to greater exposure. To cultivate material that will capture more followers:

  • increase visual appeal with images and video,
  • invite guest bloggers who have a following, and
  • place content on multiple platforms.