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Must See Ted Talks About Philanthropy - Ephraim Vashovsky

Must See Ted Talks About Philanthropy

Jeff Skoll Canadian engineer and film producer, Jeff Skoll gives a compelling talk about Making Movies that Matter. Through filmmaking anyone can inspire and promote social change. Bill Gates Mosquitoes carry diseases that are harmful to society. Bill Gates gives a clever talk on Mosquitos, Malaria, and Education. Giving a business minded solution to solve […]

5 Charities to Show Love to On Valentine's Day - Ephraim Vashovsky

5 Charities to Show Love to On Valentine’s Day

While Valentine’s Day often focuses on love and romance it can also be about philanthropy too. Below is a list of 5 charities that you can also show a little love this Valentine’s Day: The American Heart Association Relay For Life The Four Diamonds Fund Doctors Without Borders Red Nose Day The American Heart Association […]

Tips for Establishing a Charity - Ephraim Vashovsky

Tips for Establishing a Charity

Setting up a charity that you can call your own is a big project. It’s one that requires all of the dedication, love and patience in the world as well. It’s not easy at all. If you’re looking to build a charity, you should focus on key tips that can make the process go a […]

7 Unique Philanthropy Ideas - Ephraim Vashovsky

7 Unique Philanthropy Ideas

There are a lot of different ways that you can show your charitable nature and give back. philanthropy is a great way to give back to charity and provide some of the greatest and most rewarding experiences. Here are 7 philanthropy ideas that are sure to be fun and provide sustainable resources to the charitable […]

3 Books About Philanthropy You Should Read Before The New Year - Ephraim Vashovsky

3 Books About Philanthropy You Should Read Before The New Year

Giving to charities today can be a broad field and can include many complex scenarios that all need to work together to be successful. Not only does giving to charity count towards philanthropic ideals but it can give you an overall great feeling knowing that the money you give will be going to a worthy […]

Top Christmas Charities for Children in NYC - Ephraim Vashovsky

Top Christmas Charities for Children in NYC

While many families are busy shopping for that just-right present or hanging up the tinsel, there are other individuals not so fortunate. Many children spend Christmas without a family to call their own, in adoption centers or foster care, and with the uncertainty of receiving presents from St. Nick this year. Luckily, there are still […]

5 Ways to Give Back to Your Community During Thanksgiving - Millenials and NYC - Ephraim Vashovsky

5 Ways To Give Back To Your Community During on Thanksgiving

For a lot of families, the holidays are a beautiful time of year filled with laughter, treats, and family-fun. However, for many throughout the world, this time can be lonely and painful. People often hear feel-good stories of large donations going to families in need or a random act of kindness that brightened an individual’s […]

Philanthropy Spotlight- Operation Backpack (1)

Philanthropy Spotlight: Operation Backpack

There are currently more than 23, 000 school-age children living in New York City’s homeless shelters. An organization by the name of Volunteers of America – Greater New York has dedicated time during each summer to collect school supplies for those in need. What is Operation Backpack? The VOA-GNY’s initiative previposly known as the back-to-school […]


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