Many people want to start a charity, but few know where to begin. There are tons of operations that need to be run cohesively, and it is far too much for one person to do alone. If your charity is taking off, you’ll need to hire some staff members to help you in your journey. These are a few that you can expect to hire fairly quickly.


Every organization, whether a commercial company or a charity, will need people to oversee operations and handle high-level issues. Hiring someone with experience in charitable works is crucial, as well as someone with management or organizational skills. People who take these roles should be comfortable and confident in talking to others, too.

Human Resource

Any organization that has employees must have someone in charge of HR. This person will ensure people are paid on time and are compensated fairly for their efforts. If you are looking to hire an HR rep, make sure you find someone who has a relevant degree and experience; this is one position where taking precautions is essential.

Fundraising and Marketing

Marketers and fundraisers of small charities often work closely together to reach a goal: bring in donations. Chances are, your organization will operate well if these two positions work in tandem. Marketers should focus on the brand of the charity, making sure they are recognizable and able to get their message across. Fundraisers will work to set up events to bring people together and raise money. Although you could get away with hiring a novice fundraiser coordinator, it’s a good idea to fill the marketing position with an experienced person.

Volunteer Organizers

Another position that works closely with fundraising is volunteers. While fundraising coordinators will set up events, volunteer coordinators will make sure the event has enough volunteers and that they each have a task to perform.  Both will need to communicate frequently, so that each event is sure to have a staff of volunteers ready to help.

When starting your charity, it is important to identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You might have all necessary qualities to be the organization’s administrator, and that might mean you need to hire people to fill in the other areas. Regardless of how you operate, just make sure that you have someone to cover each position. Doing so will help your charity operate flawlessly.