Podcasts are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways that technologically savvy people receive both information and entertainment. A podcast is an ideal way to reach an audience engaged with philanthropic endeavors. For those listeners looking to expand their knowledge about charitable involvement while being entertained at the same time, here are five proven podcasts related to philanthropy and the nonprofit sector:

TINY SPARK BY AMY COSTELLO: This nonprofit news program has built a loyal following of listeners devoted to its in-depth interviews and investigative reporting. Founder Amy Costello covers everything from nonprofits to international aid initiatives to global philanthropy efforts. By examining the business angle of doing good for others, Tiny Spark showcases a side often not seen by those on the sidelines.

PHILANTHROPY HOUR BY GREG CHERRY: As an associate partner for Social Venture Partners Los Angeles, Cherry is well-equipped to tackle the myriad of topics highlighted on his informative yet inspirational podcast. By retelling stories of others doing good, Cherry inspires his listeners to take that first step to do more for their communities. The Philanthropy Hour also provides practical tips for those wanting to launch new programs and initiatives.

THE SOCIAL STRATEGIST PROJECT: This collaborative effort is headed up by the Georgetown University Center for Social Impact Communications. The collection of podcasts seeks to explore critical areas of philanthropic work through the use of 50 hand-selected interviews with some of the most influential social impact leaders.

PLANET MONEY: Hosted by NPR, this podcast focuses on the economic side of philanthropy. By looking at giving and its correlation to the economy through the lens of current events, this podcast examines the forces that move the economy in easy to understand terms. Although not every episode relates to philanthropy, there is enough focus to make this podcast a top pick for any person interested in giving back.

THE IMPACT PODCAST BY NEETAL PAREKH: As the founder and CEO of Innov8social, Parekh is in the unique position to provide a fresh perspective on stories about a variety of social impact issues. Parekh uses her platform to provide practical tips to both novice and expert philanthropists and fighters for social justice while delving into the hottest new charitable trends.