Even in the somewhat stuffy world of finance, the experts are starting to realize that cryptocurrency is indeed the future. And with many people who got into bitcoin early, there is now an unprecedented opportunity to give back to the world. However, not all charities are accepting bitcoin at this juncture. Although we now routinely see bitcoin ATMs across the planet—and the cryptocurrency is becoming more accessible than ever—some charitable organizations have still been slow to start accepting the currency. Luckily for those charities that do accept bitcoin, however, there are many crypto enthusiasts who are thrilled to donate to them. For those who prefer to donate in a way that is truly anonymous, this can be a great option.

Save the Children is a well-known charity that accepts bitcoin. With a verified wallet address, this is a philanthropy group that steps in to support children all across the world. Another children’s charity that accepts bitcoin is Songs of Love. As everyone knows, the power of music can be instrumental in saving people from their worries. By professionally producing songs that are targeted towards a child or teen’s specific needs, this group strives to empower young people. Omni Nano is another charity that centers on the needs of young people. Intended for high school and college students, these programs promote STEM careers and help students to learn about the power of nanotechnology.

Watsi is another philanthropic organization that is generating a lot of buzz these days. As a completely transparent group that operates with the purpose of funding healthcare around the world, it provides much-needed support for people during some of the most critical times of their lives. In a world where excellent healthcare can be difficult to come by—and exorbitantly expensive when a patient can actually find it—this team has truly stepped up to the plate. With the ability to accept bitcoin, Watsi has made itself a true contender to help people in need. The Water Project, which is based on the premise that everyone should have access to clean water, has also set up a bitcoin wallet where donors can send coins. Indeed, it would seem that the savvy charities are acknowledging the crypto revolution—and benefiting from it—are ahead of the pack.