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The Best Marketing Ideas For Charities Ephraim Vashovsky

The Best Marketing Ideas For Charities

With over a million philanthropic organizations vying for the attention and generosity of volunteers and donors in the US, it is becoming more challenging for nonprofits to stand out and attract support. However, effective marketing strategies are essential to your organization’s survival. To engage current and prospective contributors, your organization has to generate a following […]

Fantastic Recycling Charities Ephraim Vashovsky

Fantastic Recycling Charities

Charitable Organizations and Recycling There are many fantastic charitable organizations out there that do superb things for many valuable causes in modern society. There are charitable groups that go the extra mile by recycling, too. These groups prove their commitment to their main causes. They confirm their enthusiasm for bettering the planet, too. Humble Design […]

Mental Health Charities Making A Difference Ephraim Vashovsky

Mental Health Charities Making A Difference

Suicide isn’t just a problem in the United States, and it’s a global epidemic. It is the 2nd leading cause of death around the world in people between the ages of 15-30. Over 30,000 people die each year in the U.S. from suicide. The increase in suicide deaths and depression among the rich and famous […]

What is Considered Charity_ Ephraim Vashovsky

What is Considered Charity?

Charity is an important component of a well-rounded life. Charitable people are typically happier, healthier, and live more fulfilling lives. However, charitable acts vary from person to person, which brings the question: What is considered charity? To me, charity is made up of three components. Let’s take a look at each component and why it […]

Staffing Your Charity Ephraim Vashovsky

Staffing Your Charity

Many people want to start a charity, but few know where to begin. There are tons of operations that need to be run cohesively, and it is far too much for one person to do alone. If your charity is taking off, you’ll need to hire some staff members to help you in your journey. […]

Which Cause Should You Donate To_ Ephraim Vashovsky

Which Cause Should You Donate To?

I have a soft spot for those in need. Most of us do, and it can be difficult knowing that there will always be people who need our help. Unfortunately, there is only so much we as individuals can do. This leads to the tough question: who should I help? To help you answer this […]

By Ephraim Vashovsky

Small Ways You Can Help Your Community

We are often told to get involved or to invest in our communities but rarely do we talk about how or why. We created days (Shop local Saturday) and social media trends (#supportlocal) to encourage community involvement, but how exactly does each influence their community for the better. While the impact you make may seem […]

Good Alternatives To The Red Cross Ephraim Vashovsky

Good Alternatives To The Red Cross

There are few charities as recognizable as the American Red Cross. This organization is well-known for its blood drives and disaster relief efforts. However, over the past few years, people began accusing the organization of prioritizing high salaries for its executives over care for the needy. Today, I’m not here to turn you against the […]

Products That Support Charities Ephraim Vashovsky

Products That Support Charities

Whether you give back to your community or prefer to donate a cause that helps people on a larger scale, you want to know that your efforts aren’t in vain. Here are a few charities that make sure those in need receive the bulk (all, in some cases) of your donation. BoxLunch A donation of […]

How To Fundraise At Work Ephraim Vashovsky

How To Fundraise At Work

Fundraising in the workplace is important for various purposes, especially in instances such as meeting charity goals as well as general corporate welfare arrangements. In fundraising, the ultimate goal is to ensure that goals relating to the amount of money to be raised are met. In a workplace setting, there are numerous available options which […]

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