There are people in the world who want to do good and help others, but they don’t always like to have a lot of social interaction with a large group of people. At times, this can make doing volunteer work difficult as some projects require a group effort.

Just because a person is an introvert, it doesn’t mean that she can’t find important ways to make this world a better place. There are some exciting opportunities that introverts can take advantage for the betterment of others.

One way that introverts can do good and help others is by becoming a pen pal. There are senior citizens all across the country who are not able to get out and socialize due to health problems. These senior citizens love to get letters from people around the country. They like to hear about other people’s lives and about what is happening out in the rest of the world. Communication with seniors this way is a great way to be there for other people.

For those that love animals and want to help them, volunteering at an animal shelter is a good choice. Introverts often like to be around animals more than people. At most shelters, many dogs need to get out and get some exercise since they are cooped up in small cages all day. By getting out and helping to walk the dogs, it allows the dogs to be calmer, increasing the likelihood of adoption by a loving family.

Most charities have a lot of behind the scenes work that introverts might find appealing. For instance, charities will often have fund drives where they need to send out mass mailings. There are a lot of envelopes to stuff at these times, and volunteers are needed. Charitable organizations always need extra help with copying materials and other office tasks.

For those introverts who are willing to have a little bit of one to one social interaction, becoming a big brother or a big sister is an option. Many children need a friend, a role model, and a mentor to help them get through the tough years of growing up.

Introverts have many options available to help others. It’s important to find a way to help and start being involved.