There are a lot of different ways that you can show your charitable nature and give back. philanthropy is a great way to give back to charity and provide some of the greatest and most rewarding experiences. Here are 7 philanthropy ideas that are sure to be fun and provide sustainable resources to the charitable cause of your choice:

1)Giving Bears To Your Local Hospital: This is a great way to engage patients and gain awareness in the community about your charitable cause. Donating teddy bears with interesting and heartfelt messages attached to them can provide a unique style of relief while entertaining patients and making them smile.

2)Sell coffee, tea and other refreshments: This time tested technique has been utilized by people raising funds for generations. Having a refreshment stand outside of a busy business or residential establishment can help give back to charity very easily.

3)Walk-A-Thon: Are you trying to get people engaged in your cause? Having a walk-a-thon is a great way to get people out and about while raising funds in a community-centric approach.

4)Design a T-Shirt: Traditionally used by community centers, sororities and other educational institution sponsored philanthropic efforts, designing a t-shirt can build awareness and improve the outcomes of your efforts a great deal. This is because people will notice the designs on a t-shirt long after the shirt has been printed.

5) Car Wash: With frequent precipitation, everyone can use a car wash now and then. Charitable car washes are fantastic because they provide a valuable service that people may need anyways.

6) Give Away Promotional Outerwear: Once one person sees the outerwear it is possible for them to recommend the charitable cause to others, or promote it unknowingly to others who may notice the design.

7) Bake Sale: Get the best results for your philanthropic initiatives at a bake sale or community outreach sale. Not only are moms and other community members used to this type of advertising, you are sure to get a variety of goodies, making for an interesting sale at large.

These were seven unique ways to show your philanthropic nature and give back.