Ephraim Vashovsky is a real estate professional based in Brooklyn, New York. As the president of Vasco Ventures, he has delivered consistent returns to investors and developed a solid reputation of integrity and transparent business practices. Vasco Ventures is committed to giving back to the communities where it operates. This dedication to charity stems from Ephraim’s background as a Rabbi. In both his personal life and with his company, Ephraim believes that making a positive impact on others is essential to leading a meaningful life.

As a Rabbi, Ephraim Vashovsky helped others who lacked direction in their lives. His goal was to help people discover themselves and their purpose for being here. Early in life, Ephraim felt like he lacked a strong foundation or identity. This awareness of what it’s like to lack direction in life helped Ephraim connect with the people who sought his advice and counsel while he was a Rabbi. Furthermore, it has helped him understand people better and be more empathetic in general. Ephraim is proud that he was able to help others resolve their personal issues. In particular, he often gave advice on matters related to finding employment, personal finance, and family life. With Vasco Ventures he has striven to carry on the spirit of helping and giving back to those around him.

RAJE, which stands for Russian American Jewish Experience, is an organization that Ephraim Vashovsky cares deeply about. The organization focuses on helping and supporting North American Jews who used to live in the Former Soviet Union. In particular, RAJE is focused on inspiring Jewish millennials who may lack a strong Jewish identity. The organization helps young Jews get involved in the community, study Judaism, and bond with other people their age. Visit the organization’s official site to learn more.

Another organization that Ephraim actively supports is Sinai Academy. For 18 years Ephraim served as a Rabbi and teacher at Sinai Academy in Brooklyn, New York. The School provides an atmosphere where students can develop to their full potential and learn about important societal values like empathy and giving. Although he no longer teaches at Sinai Academy, Ephraim still gives back to the organization and supports it in any way he can.

Over the years Ephraim Vashovsky has been fortunate enough to travel the world in association with another organization he supports, Shuvu. Shuvu, which is a network of schools located in Israel, was established to help educate Jewish children who emigrated from the Former Soviet Union with their families. Ephraim traveled to locations such as Israel, Russia, and Ukraine on behalf of Shuvu. During his travels, he gave seminars related to the vision of Shuvu and the success it has.

Community involvement has always been important to Ephraim Vashovsky. While Ephraim gives back to the community as an individual, Vasco Ventures also makes an effort to have a positive impact through its work. From the beginning of his real estate career, Ephraim placed a high priority on giving back to the communities where he purchased properties. To date, Vasco Ventures has given millions of dollars to the communities where it owns properties. This commitment to helping others is one of the reasons why Vasco Ventures is recognized as a leader in the New York City real estate market.